Drag Racing Association of Women

               "Fast Help for Fast Friends"


DRAW History


"Because We Care"



DRAW was officially organized following a successful fund-raiser in 1984 for Shirley Muldowney. Members of the drag racing community handling the recovery fund were very encouraged by the support of racers and fans who generously donated. They asked the question , "If we can help one racer, why not organize our efforts to help all injured drag racers?" As a result DRAW was created to provide financial and/or emotional support to injured drag racers. DRAW reaches out to every drag racing category and all drag racing sanctioning bodies.

DRAW is a volunteer organization. Office work is done from the businesses and homes of the volunteers. Anyone, racers, fans, sponsors, manufacturers, team and track owners, and more can become involved in DRAW.






Founders of DRAW


Gere Amato             Etta Glidden

Penny Beck                 Diane Henrick

Holly Beadle           Linda McCulloch

    Laura Earwood        Lynn Prudhomme

Pat Garlits               Janie Oswald



 Shirley Muldowney         Dave McClelland

Barbara Carrier           Bob Frey

  Barbara Parks                Joan Gwynn





1992 Jack McCormack

1993 NHRA Staff

1994 Dave McClelland

1994 Billy & Deborah Meyer

1995 Louis McClelland

1996 Bob Frey

1997 Beth Hyatt

1998 PRO

1999 TAG (The Announcers Guild)

2000 Terry Noble

2002 John Force

2003 – Jerry Gwynn

2004 – Mickey and Beth Prestridge

2005 – Alan Reinhart

2006 – William McLemore

2007 – Carolyn Ashbee

2008 – NHRA Media

2009 – Brian Bianco

2010 – Kenny Koretsky

2011 – Rodger Brogdon

2012 - Terry McMillan

2013 - Steve Kent




2002 Federal Mogul and Ann Skrycki-Mohler

Jim Adolph and PRIMEDIA

2003 Owners and Operators of the Souvenier Trailers

2005 – Hartman Motorsports

2006 - PowerAide

2007 – MTS – Roger and Karen Comstrock

2008 – Mopar

2009 – Kalitta Air

2010 – Lucas Oil

2011 - Castrol

2012 - Don Schumacher Racing

2013 - Bandimere Family and Bandimere Speedway



2002 Pat Shaeffer

2006 Kelly Shaeffer

2007 – Bonnie Rashleigh

2008 – John Cole

2009 – Chris and Karla Hardesty

2010 - Erin and Mikala Warner & Nikki Bennett,

2011 – Olan Gotcher

2012 - Deb Pearson

2013 - Steve Libby and Jeff "Gypsy" Mohr

(The OFFICIAL Cuddly Comforter of DRAW
or "Fast Fuzzies For Fast Friends")



Sometimes, the most wonderful things have humble beginnings and such is the case with a very special bear named WARD. In 1991, Area 3 DRAW member, Minerva Evans, handcrafted a lovely bear for a special racing friend. This original bear so delighted Minerva's friend that the friend placed the bear in her race car every time she competed.

One day, Minerva's proud friend showed her special bear to DRAW's Board of Trustees. An idea blossomed. Why not present injured racers with a bear when an incident occurs? While DRAW's main emphasis is financial assistance, emotional support is also very important. This new bear was to become a symbol of DRAW's presence and concern, a true gesture of kindness in the aftermath of a racing incident.

Much to the board's surprise, Minerva Evans volunteered to make the bears, cuddly little creatures that would eventually find their way into the arms of racers touched by injury. Everyone got excited about DRAW's new idea and the board decided to hold a contest to come up with just the right Bear name.

While creativity abound as names poured in, when all was said and done, one clearly became the favorite. It was simply . . . . WARD. While not a popular or common name in the 90's, it was just perfect for this bear . . . . It's DRAW spelled backWARD!

Over the years, Minerva Evans painstakingly stitched dozens of bears that touched the lives of many a racer. Sometimes, WARD went through the mail but the preferred method of delivery was for a DRAW member to present him in person. Whenever possible, Board Members, Area Coordinators or DRAW Members would visit injured racers immediately following an incident, often going to the hospital to comfort the family, offer support and bring WARD. So popular and adored was WARD, legend grew it wasn't stuffing that made him cuddly, but the love Minerva filled him with.

On Saturday May 10th, 1997, Minerva Evan's life was irrevocably changed when her husband, Ray, was critically injured during a top-end incident in Illinois, leaving him paralyzed from the chest down. Minerva remained at Ray's side throughout his long hospitalization, not returning home, even once, until March of 1998. DRAW and hundreds in the racing community stepped forWARD to assist the family during this difficult time. Obviously the focus and priorities in Minerva's life were now centered on her husband's medical care, thus with great sadness Minerva relinquished her sewing duties to care for the man she loved, marking the end of an era for the original, magical WARD.

In the years immediately following Minerva's decision, DRAW experimented with a number of options to fill the gap. As is often the case, sometimes one doesn't truly appreciate the fullness of something until it's lost. Nowhere was that more apparent than when DRAW attempted to find someone to replace Minerva in the construction of WARD Bears. It slowly dawned on everyone that Minerva had indeed, given a very special contribution with WARD, evidently one not easily replaced.

In 2000, DRAW celebrates the life and memory of the original WARD Bear with the introduction of a new WARD. While DRAW's new bear is "factory model", we've added personal touches that officially transform him into our very own second-generation WARD. And in a tradition started by Minerva, each WARD Bear is sprinkled with kisses and showered with love by the last DRAW member to hold him, then sent on his way to give comfort . . and remind each special racer touched by an unexpected incident or loss, that they are not alone.

Because We Care . . . WARD