Drag Racing Association of Women

               "Fast Help for Fast Friends"






DRAW's motto is "Fast Help For Fast Friends" and our sole mission is providing financial and emotional support to qualified individuals involved in a drag racing accident at a track.

Financial assistance paid 1985-2018 - $4,944,889
Number of families assisted 1985-2018-  930

Amount of aid paid out in 2018 - $130,789

Number of families assisted in 2018 - 23
During the month of October 2019 DRAW paid out $9,764 in aid to 9 injured racers families


DRAW (the Drag Racing Association of Women) will be holding a special sale of racing collectibles at Norwalk during the Summit Racing Equipment Nationals. The sale will start off Friday morning at 9 AM til 1PM at the Don Schumacher Racing hospitality area. Items will also be sold at the main DRAW booth located on Manufacturer’s Midway from 9 AM til 6PM. The collectible sale will continue at the DRAW booth on Saturday from 9 til 4 and Sunday before the racing starts.
These vintage items, which could include diecast, crew & team shirts, hat pins, handouts, t-shirts etc. are parts of collections that have recently been donated to DRAW for resale. If you have holes in a collection that you are looking to fill, check early. Never know what rare item may show up! If you have a collection of racing memorabilia that you might be interested in donating, contact a DRAW board member.


DRAW’s annual Tracy Winters Memorial Golf Tournament took place in Gainesville, FL on March 10, 2021. It took place at Ironwood Golf Course, close to the racetrack. a beautiful day allowed everyone to have a great time. DRAW thanks the nine teams of four for participating.

After 18 holes of play, the teams’ placed as follows:
First Place Jeff Adkinson
Jeff Strickland
Al Peavier
Cody Anderson
Second Place John Frech
Brandon Frank
Gene Quinn
Jarod Kimbrough
Third Place Kyle Koretsky
John Eastborn
Brian Stant
Todd Rogers

Closest to the Pin and Longest Drive were both claimed by Cody Anderson.

The Mickey Whaley award recognizes a group or individual that has selflessly continued to support not only the golf tournament but DRAW as well and does so year after year. It is the hope that this award will allow the memory and legacy of Mickey to live on for many years to come. The first annual award was presented to Jeff Adkinson. A committee of golfers will select the recipient each year.

A variety of sponsors stepped up to help DRAW put on the tournament. Corporate sponsors were Kalitta Motorsports, Tami Bandimere and J&W Transmissions.

The popular beverage cart was sponsored by OMG, while the eats afterward were taken care of by Wahoo Seafood Grills, with dessert from the “Cookie Lady” Kendra Wolf.

Hole sponsors included: Kalitta Motorsports
Kendra Wolf
Wright Business Tech
Big Red Drilling
Clark Copper Head Gaskets
Georgia Peanut Commission
Jeff Kundratic Racing
Renner Racing LLC
SURV Financial.com
Tim’s Trucking
Door prizes were provided by:
Auto Meter
Lucas Oil
Rockwall Golf and Athletic
Simpson Safety
Donations to make the tournament happen were received from: Tim Goolsby
James Havent
J&W Performance, Inc.
Pearly’s Puff Corn
Torrance Racing, LLC

DRAW couldn’t put on events like this without the time of volunteers. Helping at the golf tournament were Vicki Aswege,Judy & Olan Gotcher, Beth Hyatt, Steve LeSueur, Rosalee & Terry Noble, Molly Payne, Beth Prestridge, Kendra Wolf, Mark Young and the staff of Ironwood Golf Course.


The History Lesson

Deb Thompson, DRAW Historian

Unless you live up on a mountain or in a remote location away from civilization (haven’t we all wished for maybe a little of that occasionally), you are required to share a lot of your life with other people. Some of the sharing is by choice, some is necessary, some is random but we share this “space” with others daily. These times of sharing come as opportunities to share in both the good and the not-so-good times. In our drag racing community, we all share in similar joys, excitement, wins and losses and the sad and difficult times. Simply by reading this DRAW newsletter, you are sharing with all of us who read it. We all know how much DRAW helps our injured racers. We also know things in our lives can change in a blink of an eye or in the roll of a tire. There are a lot of organizations asking for donations to help others. DRAW is just one of those organizations that chose to help injured drag racers across the country from national racing events to the local weekend bracket racer. DRAW always needs more volunteers and/or donations to continue to reach our goal of assisting every injured racer. This is an opportunity where you have a choice in how you share in order to assist in keeping this goal. There are many opportunities to help country-wide from sharing/donating your time to sharing a monetary donation. If you aren’t sure how but want to help, call any of the Board members so we can talk about what works best for you. Everyone is unique in what they have to share in making a difference in the lives of those in need of our help in this sport we share a love for. What we do, what we say and what we experience will become our personal history. Thank you for what you do by just reading and knowing about DRAW, what you share about DRAW with others, and how together we experience helping those we all support when they need us the most.
Cards & Letters to Injured Racers is so Important
One of the great things about the Indy race is we generally get to see some injured racers from the past. It is always so heartwarming to get to visit with them and hear how they are doing. This year we had three racers stop by, Larry Sisk, Tom Brown and Ryan Gortney. When we work the booth or talked to the injured racers on the phone, we get to hear how important DRAW is important to their recovery. But only a few of us are fortunate enough to experience these "warm and fuzzies." Below is a letter from one of our current injured racers Andrew Blanton along with some pictures he sent with the letter. Please keep this letter in mind and when you get your DRAWing attention newsletter each month to send a few cards and/or letters out.

Dearest DRAW, 

Hi! I wanted to say hi and thank you to some of the friends that have kept in touch with me from DRAW. Constance Smith, Judy and Bill Leahey, Ray and Millie Martel have sent some very nice letters and they have made the most recent past a lot better. Please thank each of them for me and try to explain how much good happens from a single handwritten "hello". I have added some pictures of myself, Annika my daughter (sounds like Onikuh) and Kara my girlfriend. Thank you again from care and support.  The people at DRAW make my daily life a lot better!!!

Warm Regards
Andrew Blanton
Drag Racing Association of Women Clarification

Due to a recent situation, the board members of the DRAW feel the need to clarify an 
item from the organizations Bylaws. 

Racers receiving aid from the Drag Racing Association of Women can not return to 
driving or riding a race vehicle and continue to receive aid from DRAW.

The thought being is that racer aid is there if you are not able to work or participate in normal life activities and have doctors orders that say so. If you are capable of 
operating any racing vehicle, then you should be capable of working or participating 
in normal life activities and will no longer receive aid from the Drag Racing 
Association of Women.

Take just a little time to be prepared
I recently was slightly involved in something that made me want to write a little story
about being prepared for the worst. In this day and age, anyone that is 18 years or 
older should at least have a Power of Attorney in place and if you have a spouse, dependents or loved ones that depend on you make a Will. If you were to pass away tomorrow is everything in place to take care of the people you want to get taken care 
of? If you do not at least have a POA then you risk having everything tied up in court, sometimes for years, while the State tries to determine who should get your assets. 
Sit down with a lawyer and get a POA made up and put on file so if something does 
happen, your family and loved ones are not stuck trying to obtain what is supposed 
to be rightfully theirs.

Chris Hardesty

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Meet a DRAW Rockstar!
 Story by Chris Hardesty

I was fortunate enough to meet Kelley (Ike) Isenhower at the Raceview Family Campground during this years U.S. Nationals. He was playing on a stage in the campground surrounded by a crowd of screaming fans. I heard him say something about "all proceeds go to DRAW" well needless to say that caught my attention so I talked to him after the show. Here is a guy that you dont hear about, playing his heart out on stage and giving the proceeds to the Drag Racing Association of Women. I asked him to tell me his story and how he started getting involved with DRAW.
He started attending the U.S. Nationals in 1991 with his brother and father. He was hooked after he saw
the first Top Fuel Dragster run down the track. This event quickly became a tradition every Labor Day for him and his family. He remembers that his mom and dad would get to every final race early and stop by
the DRAW booth to donate a little cash and pick up a ladder sheet so they could keep track of their favorite drivers throughout the day. Some 25 years later they still do the same thing.
Ike started donating small amounts to DRAW every year and decided in 2013 to try something different.
He has been a touring musician for over 20 years, playing in excess of 240 shows per year. He has been putting on a concert at the Raceview Family Campgrounds every year starting in 1996. The concerts
started small, sitting around campfires with close friends. Over the years, more people would show up to listen and eventually he started using a stage and a large PA system. He brought a couple of bands out to play and the crowds just kept getting bigger.
In 2013 at the 59th US Nationals he decided to try and raise some money and his father mentioned that
they should do something for DRAW. He was able to get an acoustic guitar donated by IRC Music in Indianapolis and with the help from some great friends was able to get the guitar autographed by about 20 professional drag racers. That evening he played his show to a crowd of about 400+ people and started selling raffle tickets for the guitar. Towards the end of the night they drew the winning number and gave it away but only after raising about $1200 from the raffle. A few other donations took the total to almost
$1400! Ike and his father delivered the money to the DRAW booth Monday morning before the finals. The look on the eyes of the ladies at the booth was very heartwarming, they were very thankful and so was he.
Ike played this past Labor Day weekend at the 61st US Nationals and it was his 20th year at the campground. He purchased an event flag, got about 13 driver autographs raffled it off that night at the
show. The flag raised $250 and with the help of some friends from Fort Wayne (Team Social) they were a
ble to sell some T-shirts they had made. Between the shirts and the flag Ike was able to present the ladies
at the DRAW booth $500 on Monday morning.
Ike has done a lot of gigs in his career for many different charities including the American Cancer Society, Loop for Life, Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, Wounded Warriors, Craven for the Cure, Red Mask Foundation, Alzheimers Research, SIDS, College Mentors for Kids and Care-N-Share to name a few. Its always been
a joy for him to provide music for these charitable events. Ike plays music because he loves it, if there are those whos day can be brightened by what he does, then he is going to continue doing it. Ike is going to continue supporting DRAW every year, as he truly loves the sport of drag racing and the mission that the great people at DRAW follow, "Fast Help for Fast Friends".  Its his pleasure to be associated with such a grear organization as DRAW and he looks forward to raising more money in the future. Come check out
his website at www.reverbnation.com/ikeguitar for future events.
Ike is a solid example of the people we do not hear about that are regular donors to DRAW and have
been for years. If you know of anybody like him, tell me about it. Send the details to me via email at harbone66@gmail.com and I will post up the story right here in the website.
Committee and Volunteer Opportunities for 2019
In 2019, DRAW will mark its 33rd year of providing "Fast Help for Fast Friends." It takes the time and talent of many people
to make our mission a reality. There are many ways you can help make 2019 DRAW's best year ever.

DRAW's lifeblood is dedicated volunteers. You can make a valuable contribution to DRAW by joining one of our committees: Website, Newsletter, Membership, Fundraising, Injured Racer Calling, and others that might arise during the year.
If you are interested in volunteering or joining one of DRAW's committees, please submit an application to Rosalee Noble,
4 Hance Dr., Charleston Ill. 61920 Email: rnoble@consolidated.com